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Saving Urgent Animals



Year in Review


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Major Medical, Special Needs & Cruelty Cases



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What We Do

Supporting Rural Shelters

We support several rural shelters with limited resources. The only hope many of these animals have is if a rescue group pulls them. 

Major Medical, Special Needs & Cruelty Cases

We take in difficult cases that many other rescues don't have the ability to take on. We've joke that "Urgent is our middle name." Unfortunately, it's true all too often. 

FUR Urgent Transport 

Our FUR Urgent Transport program helps in natural disasters and other emergencies. We also do non-emergency (but still urgent) transports to relieve pressure on rural shelters. 

We rescue animals from kill shelters and other urgent situations.

We try to help animals who need the most help

We take on tough cases, including dogs who have been hit by cars, who have gunshot wounds, embedded collars, cancerous tumors and other major medical problems. We rescue scared dogs, injured dogs and sick dogs. We rescue seniors, pregnant mamas and mamas with litters. We focus primarily on rural shelters with limited resources, and we try to help the animals who need the most help.


Our FUR Urgent Transport Program has helped rescue hundreds of animals in 12 hurricanes and natural disasters, and we've done multiple rescue missions on the ground in Ukraine and Turkey. We also do non-emergency transports to relieve pressure on overcrowded shelters.


Florida Urgent Rescue earned a Four-Star Rating on Charity Navigator, the highest possible rating with a score of 100%. Florida Urgent Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a GuideStar Platinum participant and a top-rated nonprofit on Great Nonprofits. 

Want to get involved? You can help us save more lives!

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