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FUR Urgent Transport Program


The FUR Urgent Transport program has rescued hundreds of animals in multiple disasters. We saves lives by transporting animals in danger to No Kill shelters and rescues with greater capacity. After every disaster, a flood of strays come into the shelters, along with animals surrendered by people who lost their homes or jobs. These shelters are usually full before the storm, so the animals already in the shelter are in danger when they run out of space. Local rescues and shelters work around the clock, but the magnitude of the problem is overwhelming. 

The FUR Urgent Transport program moves out dogs and cats who were already in local shelters to no kill shelters and rescues around the country, creating space for the wave of incoming animals. We do not transport strays. We focus on rural shelters who are forced to ethuanize animals to make space for incoming strays and owner surrenders. Northern shelters and rescues don't generally have the overpopulating issues that we do in the South due to fewer 'backyard breeders,' stronger spay and neuter laws, and generally better attitudes toward pets.  

FUR has rescued hundreds of animals in hurricanes and natural disasters, and we completed multiple rescue missions on the ground in Ukraine. 

FUR also does non-emergency, but still urgent, transports to relieve pressure on overcrowded shelters. We transport small groups of animals to trusted partners to open up space and save lives. This lifesaving program needs your help to be successful.

Our goal is to save as many lives as possible, we can't do that without volunteers and donations. We need caring compassionate animal lovers to transport animals from local shelters to pick up points, volunteers to drive to halfway points and even some trips all the way to northern states and back. We know not everyone is available to do transports but there are other ways to help.
Florida Urgent Rescue has significant out of pocket expenses to transport animals. In addition to the actual cost of the transport, we cover vaccinations, health certificates, and sometimes boarding before the transport.  

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