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FUR Monthly Donor Program

Urgent Animals Need Help Fast

Donate Monthly

Monthly Donors let us respond quickly in emergencies.
In many urgent situations, we need to act immediately. Sick or injured animals need help fast. Spartacus was shot twice. Byrdie was thrown from a vehicle and had a broken back. Hope had a shattered pelvis and dislocated hip. Maverick had 3 broken legs. Maggie had a splenic tumor the size of a softball. Roy had Caval syndrome, a deadly condition that required a risky and expensive heartworm extraction surgery. When an animal is in danger, we don't have time to do a fundraiser, and then wait for those funds to get to us. 

Thank you to our Monthly Donors! 

Aja Carter
Alexis Gammon
Alice Cooper

Andrew Davis
Anita Prewitt

Anna Guarino
Anna Witten
April Barclay

Brandy Searcy
Brenda Lusink
Cali Slaughter
Caitlin O'Donnell

Carl Butz

Carol Pedersen

Caroline Semmler
Cassandra Perez
Chanel Liberatore
Cheryl Conte
Christine Rominger

Christine Singer
Cindy Corey

Cory Bridger
Courtney Reichenbach
Crista Lyn
Cynthia Theisen
Darlene Curren

Deandra Jebril
Danielle Combs
Dave Feder

Deandra Jebril

Diane Resnick
Donna Laine
Donna Munsen

Donna Villarose
Edward J Azcuy

Evelyn Merrill Neste

Finley Walker
Gabrielle Magnante
Glenda Bell
Gisela Vidal
Grahame Long
Heather Hymer

Irene Ank

James Kelley

James & Jessica West

Janet Pearrow
Janis Milton

Jessica Arseneau
Jill Koohyar

Jocelyn Fultz

Jodi Weil
John E Long

John McKinley Byrd
Johnny Russell
Jordan Guengerich
Joyce Ann Bryan, RN
Joyce Pope
Judge Ivy Cream Harris
Juli Ann Black

Kara Dilworth

Kate Miller

Katherine Hart

Kerrie Smith
Kimberly Allen
Kimberley Ashley
Kirstie Kasaway
Lauren Theil
Laurie Fitz
Lee Decardenas
Leslie Harden
Leslie Smith
Lisa and Russ Anderson
Lisa Trudel
Loretta Tooke
Mara Walker
Maria Guadalupe Pettit

Marianne Larsen

Margaret Bryan
Mark Hocamp

Mark Trednick

Marlene Ritter

Martha Patterson
Martha Whitmore
Maryann Fennell MaryEllen Kastelic-Albert
Mary Merrill

Mary Phelps
Marye Edenfield
Melanie Escalante

Michelle Foster
Michelle MacDade
Mike & Susan Merrill

Mona Marie
Nancy Holechek
Nancy Saunders
Noriko Brandman
Nicolette Kulikowski
Pamela Davis
Peggy Blackwelder
Peggy Moody

Penny Janeway
Quest Ecology, Inc.
Roger Evans
Rhonda Booker
Sara McMillan
Sarah Dickens
Shailesh Kakkar
Shann Cohrs

Shannon Milender

Sharon Gogerty
Sheila Worth

Shelli Gaskins
Sheri Romecki
Stacie Peeples

Stacy Bonnah-DeMoss

Steve Harrison
Susan Warneka
Terri Cherry

Tom & Mercia Noble

Thrifty Critter

Traci Gomez
Tracy Strong
Valerie Losego

Monthly Donors save lives again and again!

When there is a hoarding case or a hurricane, a dog with a gunshot wound or a cruelty case, we have to act quickly.


Monthly Donors give us flexibility to act immediately when there is an emergency, and they let us respond to the next crisis. Your monthly donation will help us save lives, month after month. 

FUR Van Fundraiser
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