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Emergency Heartworm Extraction Surgery- Twice in 2 Weeks

Maisie came into the shelter in really bad shape, and she had a significant heart murmur due to a heavy load of heartworms. She couldn't take more than a couple steps before she collapsed and fell over. The vets were worried that she'd be in heart failure soon, so she underwent emergency heartworm extraction surgery with Dr. Seymour at Jackson Veterinary Clinic. This procedure is dangerous and expensive, but it's a last resort for dogs before they suffer and die a painful death. After Maisie underwent emergency, she did surprisingly well. Dr. Seymore removed 8 large heartworms from this tiny 9 lb dog. She was doing so well that we cancelled the overnight stay in the ER, and her Foster Mom Abby Viego is taking great care of her. Our biggest problem was that she felt so much better, she wanted to play, and she needed to be on restricted activity.

Just 2 weeks after we did emergency heartworm extraction surgery for Maisie, we were back at Jackson Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Seymour again. Same emergency, but different dog.

After we pulled Brownie from the shelter, we scheduled an echocardiogram with Dr. Walker at Capital Vet, and he said Brownie had a VERY heavy load of heartworms. He wasn't in Caval Syndrome (yet), but Dr. Walker was concerned that as we treated his heartworms, there were so many that it could cause a pulmonary embolism as the worms break up. He recommended surgical extraction. When Dr. Walker recommends it, we don't have to think twice.

Thankfully, Brownie also made it through surgery, and Dr. Seymour removed an astounding 24 heartworms from this little 11 lb dog. Dr. Seymour is the renowned expert when it comes to heartworm extraction surgery, and he's right here in our own backyard.

We kept Brownie in the ER overnight afterwards, just in case. His Foster Mom Lisa has been going above and beyond for him. Hopefully this extraction surgery will put him in a position for a much happier life! He's such a sweet little guy.

When we say "we save urgent animals," it's really true. Every situation is different. Many are very expensive. Thanks to our monthly donors, we're able to take in major medical cases, and we can deal with an unexpected crisis or emergency surgery. Thank you to all of our supporters who help us save lives, but an extra special thank you to our Monthly Donors!


Sick and injured animals like Maisie and Brownie need help fast. Every donation helps, but Monthly donors give us flexibility to respond immediately when there is an emergency. When there is a hoarding case or a hurricane, a dog with a gunshot wound or a cruelty case, we have to act quickly. We don't have time to do a fundraiser, and wait for those funds to get to us. Your monthly donation can help us save lives again and again. To learn more, please visit:

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