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Scarlett was a Parvo Puppy who was Thrown in a Ditch in Bradford County.

She is fully recovered and happily adopted.

Scarlett was a Parvo Puppy who was Thrown in a Ditch in Bradford County.
Scarlett was a Parvo Puppy who was Thrown in a Ditch in Bradford County.

When Scarlett was thrown into a ditch, fortunately someone witnessed it, and took her to the shelter. She tested positive for Parvo, a very dangerous disease with a 50% mortality rate for puppies.

We rushed Scarlett to Palm Valley Veterinary Center, where Dr. Mack immediately hospitalized her, and went above and beyond to save her. We rushed her to Dr. Mack at Palm Valley Veterinary Center, and asked him to do anything and everything he could to help her. We trust him completely with our babies, and he has the green light to do whatever he feels is best for them. We'll figure out how to pay for it later. 

Dr. Mack did IV fluids, Tamiflu, Famotadine and he checked her blood multiple times a day. When her RBC dropped, he did a blood transfusion. Fortunately, Scarlett responded well, and the quick blood transfusion, coupled with the other therapies, saved her life. It was expensive, but Scarlett is completely recovered. When she was healthy enough, she went to her foster home with Kim Blanchard, learning how to be a puppy, and enjoying life for the first time. 

She immediately won the hearts of everyone in the family, including her foster brother Roscoe, and Kim realized she couldn't let them go. Kim adopted Scarlett, now Penelope, here is her update:

Penelope makes us laugh and smile every single day and keeps us on our toes with her unlimited amount of energy.  When she’s not planning her next Houdini escape from her crate or the confinement of the fenced backyard, she’s like a little Velcro strip stuck to our every move.  Make no mistake, she wants to be involved in everything…and I mean everything! 

Don’t be fooled by her small size, she’s a bull in a china shop and has a bark that sounds like a 150 pound Rottweiler!  Not to mention she’s a walking electric blanket which comes in handy on those rare cold Florida nights.

Penelope loves being the center of attention, loves meeting new people, loves going new places, and definitely loves being outside where she can torture her big brother Rosco with nonstop zoomies and where she can stomp on ever plant in sight perfecting her lizard slaying skills.  She is completely and utterly fearless and happy, oh, is she happy.  Happy to take her brother’s bed, his food bowl, his toys, his ability to be first at anything and most definitely his ability to go anywhere without her….and she doesn’t want to go anywhere without him. 

All she wants out of life is a good snuggle, a tasty snack, undivided attention, a variety of items to chew on and a nice, long nap preferably outside, in the sun.

The little terror may drive us crazy sometimes, but it breaks my heart to think about what our lives would be like without her giving kisses…lots of kisses…whether we want them or not.  

Thank you Dr. Mack for saving her, and Kim for adopting her and giving her the life every puppy deserves!

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