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FUR Van Fundraiser Challenge
Your Name on our Van!

Help FUR save more lives with a new transport van. Your Donation is Doubled, thanks to a matching challenge from the Delores Weaver Legacy Fund.

**All FUR Monthly Donors will be automatically listed in our FUR Van Fundraiser!**

A few of the animals saved by our FUR Urgent Transport program. 

1 Bruno_2379_1250x800_72
3 Kitten-at-Paws-Humane-Hurricane-Ian_1250x800_72
7 Hurricane-Ian-Kitten-Paws-Humane-4_1100x770_72
8 Mike-Taison-Ukraine_8506_1250x800_72
2 4000-Beagles_4214_1250x800_72
6 GA-Beagles_1250x800_72
4 Susan_IMG_3305_1250x800_72
5 Zhytomyr-Transport-3_1250x800_72

The FUR Urgent Transport Program has saved more than 1,100 lives. You can help us save even more. 


Your Name in the Artwork on our Van

*This mockup design is a sample only to show how we'll incorporate names in the word art. The actual design will be different, and we can't give any guarantees about location, size, color or placement of your name in the word art. 

FUR needs a cargo van for our Urgent Transport Program, and we need your help! We don’t have a facility, so we can’t put your name on a brick, but we thought it would be a fun twist to include your name in the artwork on our van.

— Donate $250 or more, we’ll include your name in our design using “Word Art.”*
— Donate $500 and your name will be listed twice in a larger font

— Donate $1,000 or more, we’ll also include your name in our “Sponsors” List on our van and our website. 

FUR Sponsors:
Bronze: $1,000
Silver:   $2,500
Gold:    $5,000 
Platinum: $10,000 

Learn more about our FUR Sponsor Program!

2 4000-Beagles_4214_1250x800_72.jpg

Why we need a FUR Cargo van

  • We've been renting cargo vans for years, but it's very expensive.

  • During disasters, it's hard to find rental vans available. When we do find one, we take what we can get... usually not be the right size.

  • During our Hurricane Ian rescue missions, we had to cut down the number of animals on 4 different rescue missions because we couldn't fit them in a rented standard cargo van. 

  • Renting commercial vans also charge excess mileage fees, which can be prohibitive with the amount of driving we do during transports. 

  • Owning our own FUR Transport van would prevent these problems, and give us the flexibility to respond quickly during emergencies. 

FUR Van Fundraiser
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