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Spartacus was Shot—Twice

This poor little pup is just 16 pounds, and he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Spartacus was Shot—Twice
Spartacus was Shot—Twice

Spartacus endured unimaginable pain and hardship when he was shot not once, but twice. This poor little pup is just 16 pounds, and he wouldn't hurt a fly.

The first time, he was shot near the heart with a pellet gun, but thankfully the pellet didn't penetrate the pericardial sac. That wound was a couple weeks older, so we think he ran off into the woods when they shot him the first time. When he came back a week or two later, they shot him again, this time with a higher caliber pistol. The bullet shattered his spine, leaving him badly injured and unable to walk. For 10 days, he dragged himself through the dirt until someone finally called animal control.

He came into the shelter in Bradford County unable to walk, with obvious gunshot wounds. Kris Parkins stepped in to temp foster him until they could come up with a plan. When we offered to take him into FUR, Joseph Pimental and Laura Sands transported him to Palm Valley Medical Center to formulate a plan. Dr. Mack examined Spartacus and discovered his spine was chipped and bent, but not entirely severed. Consulting with Dr. McNicholas at First Coast Veterinary Specialists, it was clear that while Spartacus had lower body reflexes, the spinal cord damage required a wheelchair for mobility.

Walkin' Pets by graciously donated two wheelchairs for Spartacus and Byrdie, another little dog who was thrown from a vehicle and has a damaged spine. Jeannie Blaylock did two stories featuring Spartacus and Byrdie on First Coast News, which helped us get the word out for fosters.
Dr. Mack hospitalized Spartacus at Palm Valley for two weeks, where he got regular hyperbaric treatments. Spartacus then continued weekly treatment at Veterinary Orthopedic and Mobility Center (VOMC), where he had acupuncture and physical therapy, including utilizing an underwater treadmill.

Against all odds, Spartacus not only survived but thrived, a testament to his spirit and will to live.
Erin Connolly offered to foster Spartacus once he was healthy enough. This is where we started to meet the real Spartacus. It was in her care that his enormous, cheerful personality emerged. His charm left an impression on Erin's friend, Brittany Secrist, who asked to take over fostering duties.

In Brittany's home, Spartacus quickly became part of the family, making friends with other pets and fitting in seamlessly. It was a match made in heaven, and Brittany, her roommates, and Spartacus soon realized they were meant to be together.

Mary Merrill worked behind the scenes for months, scheduling physical therapy and medical appointments and supporting his fosters. Heather Hymer, Brittany, Shannon Smith and Shannon Oetting played a crucial role in his recovery by accompanying him to physical therapy appointments.

We're excited to announce that Brittany has officially adopted Spartacus. Despite the heartbreaking moments in rescue work, stories like Spartacus's remind us that miracles happen, and they're worth every effort.

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