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A Very Pregnant Mama in a Scary Shelter

Sweet Aspen found herself in a very scary situation. She was pregnant and stuck in a shelter. Even for the bravest of dogs, shelters can be downright terrifying, but even more so for mothers and their soon-to-arrive pups. Not only is it scary though, it's dangerous. There is a constant influx of new dogs with unknown medical histories, possibly exposing mom and her fragile pups to deadly diseases.

We knew we wanted to help this mama but we didn't have a single available foster. Luckily for Aspen, Michelle Spurgeon Foster made it her personal mission to save her. Michelle was determined to change the narrative for this expecting mom and her unborn pups. She quickly went to social media and made an urgent plea for help.

As luck would have it, Kerrie Ann Smith saw Michelle's post and offered to foster. However, a small hiccup stood in the way—Kerrie had an upcoming trip and couldn't immediately take in our mama dog.

Michelle immediately offered to keep mama Aspen, whelp the pups and keep everyone until Kerri returned to town. This collaborative effort ensured that Aspen and her soon-to-arrive pups would receive the care, love, and safety they so desperately needed.

We are excited to announce that sweet Mama Aspen has welcomed her pups into the world. Last night, surrounded by love and care, she delivered 10 precious puppies. Though one was a stillborn, the other 9 are healthy and happy bundles of joy.

We are eternally thankful for Michelle, Aspen's champion; Kerri, for offering to foster mom and pups until they can be adopted; Valerie Noble Losego who expedited the foster approval process; and Erin Herrmann Kupcha for assisting with the delivery and providing tech support.

As Aspen and her pups embark on the journey to their forever homes, we're reminded that in the face of adversity, love, compassion, and community can turn the darkest situations into stories of hope and triumph.

Oh and for those that saw our original post about Aspen and played our fun little guessing game — bragging rights go to Deb Durbec and Mike Merrill who both guessed 9 puppies on December 9th!! While I am confident that Deb's guess was made fair and square, I do wonder if Mike had some insider information....


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