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Scrappy Came from a Hoarding Case in Terrible Shape

He's living the good life now

Scrappy Came from a Hoarding Case in Terrible Shape
Scrappy Came from a Hoarding Case in Terrible Shape

Scrappy and 34 other dogs, part of a group of 61, were rescued from a breeder in a mass owner surrender. Thanks to the actions of a concerned citizen, a network of dedicated animal rescue groups throughout the state mobilized to take in these dogs.

This rescue is a big departure from the last hoarding case. A good Samaritan who went to buy a puppy witnessed the poor conditions and immediately contacted a rescue for help. Kim Baldridge of Fawn's Small Dog Rescue and Tami Steinle of Papillon Pals Rescue, Inc have already taken 26 of these dogs into their care. As the scale of the problem became clear, they called Florida Urgent Rescue in to assist.

The breeder's family members stepped in to prevent a disastrous situation from escalating. Understanding the urgency, rescues agreed to meet the breeder's demand that the dogs be surrendered off-property. Dogs were brought to an abandoned gas station in crates by a third party.

Every single dog has been placed with a rescue organization. They will be quarantined, they will receive proper veterinary care, and they will have time to recover before finding loving homes. These dogs are understandably scared, but with proper treatment, compassionate care and time to decompress, we think they will thrive.

Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR) worked with nonprofit rescues throughout Florida to rescue the other 35. FUR took in the 2 dogs in the worst shape- Scrappy and Einstein. After many vet visits, special grooming appointments from Green Dog Spa, and lots of TLC, Scrappy and Einstein are enjoying life for the first time.

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