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3 Senior Dogs are Safe with FUR

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

3 senior dogs found themselves in a very overcrowded rural shelter after their owner passed away. They were scared to death, trembling in their kennels, begging for someone to save them.

It's always hard to see dogs in the shelter, but it's especially heartbreaking when it's seniors, and even more devastating when their person dies or can no longer care for them. They don't understand what happened. All they know is that the life they knew is suddenly over and they're in the shelter. It's terrifying.

Susan Merrill spent two days working the phone trying to come up with a plan. After a lot of begging and pleading, we were able to get these sweet, scared pups to safety. Please welcome our newest FUR fosters: Lizzy Mae, Belle & Toby.

— Belle, the Chihuahua is loving her new (temp) life with Susan & Stan Marinoff.

— Lizzy, the Yorkie is settling in nicely with Winnie Reaves (probably fostering to adopt.

— Sweet Toby, the Doxie mix is beyond thankful he wasn’t left behind & Lori DeLong, who previously adopted Shelby (aka Cindy Lou) from FUR, agreed to give him a chance.

This is the reason we ask our adopters what their backup plan is if somewhere down the road they are no longer able to care for them. Think about what will happen to your pets if something happens to you. Talk to your family and friends, and come up with a plan.

We are truly grateful that these 3 pups had loving people willing to welcome them in their homes. Thank you Andrea Lepianka & Kelly Thomas for breaking them out & transporting them to their foster homes. Welcome to FUR, little ones!


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