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A Little Senior Dumped by a Breeder

Updated: Jul 9

SGT Alvin York was surrendered to Baker County Animal Services as a "stray" but we are fairly confident that he was used for breeding purposes and then discarded like trash when he was no longer useful to the breeder. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this too many times before.

Alvin's condition at intake was horrific. He is blind and his eyes are milky with cataracts, it looked as if he had a broken leg and he's likely infested with parasites. His tiny 4 pound body was carrying over a pound of matted fur.

The matting was so severe that it encased his front leg, bending it at the joint making it appear broken. Thankfully, once shaved, we learned that it wasn't actually broken but bent and bound in such a way that he couldn't walk.

This kind of matting doesn't happen in a few weeks. This poor, sweet senior pup has clearly endured years of mistreatment. Thankfully his days of neglect are over.

A huge thank you to Joan Sosin for transporting this sweet boy, Marianne & Pat Larsen for fostering him. SGT York's fortunes took an unexpected turn for the better when he was having problems and Dr. Bissell at Sandbridge Veterinary Center asked if he could take him home. He's settled in quickly and is doing better already, so we're hoping he'll be strong enough for surgery to remove the lump on his neck soon. .


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