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A Mama and 9 Puppies are Safe!

Years ago, when puppies came into shelters, rescues competed to get them. Puppies were "easy" adoptions. Not anymore. Every shelter is full, and every rescue is overwhelmed. Adoptions are slow, donations are down, and even puppies are hard to get adopted now.

When we learned there was a mama dog and 9 puppies in an outdoor kennel at a rural shelter, we were alarmed. Temperatures were dropping at night, and puppies are vulnerable. The indoor kennels were smaller, and the shelter was completely full, so they kept mama and puppies together outside, rather than euthanize another dog for space so they could move the puppies into 2 kennels indoors.

Once again, we reached out to Kelly McComas at Greenville Humane Society asking for help. They have taken 2 litters of puppies from other rural shelters, so we were hoping they could help. She asked if the Mama was dog friendly, and Kelly Thomas went to the shelter to do introductions and record videos. We also made a separate trip to the shelter to meet them and dog test her ourselves. Thankfully, our Little Mama did great and pretty much ignored the other dogs, even with her puppies nearby. Kelly asked when we could bring them.

Once again our road warrior Kevin Dykes did the transport, picking them up at the shelter first thing in the morning and transporting them to Greenville. Christy came in early on her day off to load them up. This little family is now safe and starting their new lives.

A huge thank you Kelly McComas and Greenville Humane Society for helping more animals in need, and to everyone else who helped make this happen!

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