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A scared, 6 month old puppy was shot and left to die. 

This sweet puppy found in the same area where Cash was locked in the zip tied chicken cage after squatters were evicted by the Sheriff.

While Cash was on the way to the vet, our Foster Coordinator Valerie Losego scrambled to line up fosters for the other two injured dogs in Baker County, both with suspected gunshot wounds. They were both walking, eating and drinking, so not quite as critical as Cash. We knew we needed to get them out quickly, though. With fosters on vacation and boarding facilities full, it was tough sledding. Every potential foster was out of town or going out of town, so we needed backups. 

A plan started to come together, and Dr. Bissell offered to hold both additional pups in isolation in his clinic until our fosters got back in town. Joan Sosin drove out to Macclenny to pick up the two additional dogs, and she took them straight to Sandbridge to get them triaged. We named them Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. 

Willie is a scared, shy 6 month old puppy who was intentionally shot and left to die. The wounds on his side were badly swollen, and Dr. Bissell immediately ran xrays and bloodwork. Willie was shot multiple times with pellets or BBs, with 4 separate locations showing on xrays. He was shot in the side, front leg and back. This was not an accident. It was another case of deliberate animal cruelty to a sweet, innocent puppy. 

Dr. Bissell immediately started pain meds and antibiotics, and we'll re-evaluate when the swelling goes down. The first priority is to get the infection under control, and we'll run new Xrays later and come up with a plan. In the meantime, he's also hospitalized at Sandbridge Veterinary Center with the other two dogs. Cami Ruiz will foster Willie, and Lisa Beggs will temp foster while she's out of town. Please say a prayer for these sweet pups. 


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