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Ben and Jerry

Ben and Jerry are 2 of the 19 dogs we bailed out of the Union County shelter as Hurricane Nicole approached. We didn’t know exactly where the storm would hit, but we did know that an outdoor shelter would be a terrifying place to be during a storm. With help from an amazing team of volunteers and fosters, we got all the dogs into foster homes or temp boarding as the storm approached. We brought 4 of them to the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan, 2 went to temp boarding during the storm, and we took 13 dogs into FUR, including Ben and Jerry. We're excited to announce that Ben and Jerry are both adopted!

Marlene Ritter volunteered to go to the shelter and pick up 3 dogs—Ben, Jerry and Thelma. She brought Jerry to her foster Jill Gray, and our Foster Coordinator Valerie Losego met her there and helped introduce him to Jill’s dogs. Marlene then brought Thelma to Palm Valley for boarding, and she brought Ben back home to foster herself. Ben and Jerry are both amazing dogs and they both quickly settled in at their foster homes.

Ben (now named Ollie) is adopted by Amy Wang & Derick Douglas, their kids are Quinn & Cailyn, and their 2 senior cats. They live in Ponte Vedra near the beach, and Cailyn is excited to be able to take him on walks and to the beach. Ollie enjoys licking the cats…they weren’t thrilled at first, but Ollie is just so sweet it was easy for him to fit right in.

Jerry (now Theo) is adopted by Camille and Isaac Castellano. They have a senior lab named Elle, who needed a calmer dog since she’s older and Theo was a perfect fit. He enjoys going on walks and going to dog parks, and he's already relaxed and settled into his new home.

One of the benefits of having a foster-based rescue is that we get to know a lot more about each dog, so we can try to find the right home for the dog and the right dog for the home. Thank you Jill and Marlene for fostering these sweet boys, and thank you to our Adoption Coordinator Jana Andrews for once again finding the perfect match for these pups.

If you'd like to foster or adopt, please let us know. All our local shelters are full and in crisis. The holiday season is always a tough time of year for homeless animals—even more so this year.


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