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Dutton is in Critical Condition

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Please say a prayer for Dutton, our littlest of the litter of puppies that was dumped on the side of the road in an empty dog food bag. Our puppy Dutton took a turn for the worse today.

His neck and face are swollen, and he has a fever, so he's back in the ER and he got another transfusion. Thank you Erin and Dr. Apolo for your quick response! He's not out of the woods yet, so please keep this little guy in your prayers!

Erin Kupcha has been fostering them, and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with neonatal puppies and kittens. In addition to bottle feeding them around the clock, she's keeping them warm in an incubator, monitoring their weight, and taking great care of them. She's brought them to Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital twice, and we think they have a heavy load of worms.

Despite being dewormed again, getting SubQ fluids and Nutrical, poor little Dutton is still struggling. He doesn’t want to eat, he’s not gaining weight and his gums have gotten very pale. Erin took them to Capital Vet, where Dr. Apolo checked them out.

Dutton was very anemic, and he needed a transfusion ASAP. Kelly MacDade lives nearby, and she offered to bring in Nala (also a FUR Alum) as a blood donor. Thanks to Erin and Kelly scrambling, Dutton got a blood transfusion, and we're hoping it helps stabilize him. Erin and the other puppies went home, but Dutton is still at the ER.

As the smallest in the litter, we’re always concerned that others may follow suit. With Summer’s litter, we lost 3 puppies, one after another, despite going to great lengths to save them. Dutton has now had 3 transfustions, and Dr. Apolo is taking him home and caring for her. She even took him back in for another transfusion on her day off.

Thank you Erin, Kelly, Nala and Dr. Apolo for helping this sweet little guy! Please keep these little ones in your prayers.

If you'd like to help Dutton and other urgent animals like him, please consider a tax deductible donation. Last year, we spent 6 times more on vet bills than we brought in through adoption fees.

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