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Last Rescue of the Year — 2 Pigs!

Our last rescue of the year (hopefully!) was another first for us. We transported 2 pigs from Bradford County Animal Control to a rescue and their adopter in South Carolina. We like to think we are an equal opportunity rescue!

Thankfully we had some extra large crates that were given to us by Terri Cooper and our friends at GREAT. Once again our ever reliable transporter Kevin Dykes offered to do the trip and got them to their final destination with ease. The sound effects were adorable, with them oinking along the way.

As always, a lot of people worked hard behind the scenes to line up everything. Kelly Thomas (Prime Hutra) coordinated closely with Summerlyn at Bradford. Wilma Andino (For Love and Compassion Rescue) and Jessie Miller (EPIC Outreach) were a huge help in networking and planning remotely. Without her, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Wilma, Kelly, Susan, Tracy Collins, Jessie & Diane Della Russo worked together to rescue a pig named Mister a couple months ago. The same team helped network these pigs. The amount of planning and coordination required is significant, and everyone worked together to save yet another life.

Shannon Masters, of Masters Never End’n Farm and Rescue and her farm hand Aubrey helped unload and get them settled in. Debbie Bisbee, their new adopter, was thrilled to give these pigs their happily ever after. They now get to enjoy the life that every pig dreams of.

We are happy to have played a role in getting these pigs to safety and look forward to updates as they settle in and live their best life. Happy New Year, little ones!



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