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Yet Another Gunshot Wound

A third dog came into the same rural shelter in Baker County around the same time as Cash and Willie, also with an apparent gunshot wound. 

The ACO thought it was a 'through and through' gunshot wound. He was dumped near a hunting camp, and he has what appears to be two different wounds on each side of his upper abdomen. One wound is larger, so it's a possible exit wound. 

Joan Sosin picked him up along with Willie, and transported the two injured dogs to Sandbridge. 

We're still not sure what happened, but we got more of the backstory as the situation developed. It turns out he's a neutered 8 month old puppy, he's microchipped and the chip was registered. The Baker County ACO called the registered owner, and she said she broke up with her boyfriend and he took the dog. We think he dumped the dog near the hunting camp, and either the boyfriend or someone else tried to kill him. 

Dr. Bissell did Xrays, and there doesn't appear to be any obvious internal damage. We can't figure out how a bullet could have gone through and through and with him still alive and walking. We thought they might be two separate wounds, but there are no bullet fragments or other damage visible in the Xrays. If it is a bullet that went all the way through him, he's a miracle dog. It's possible he had two separate injuries, on one each side of his abdomen, but that seems unlikely, too. Waylon's injuries are starting to heal, and he looks happy to be getting love and attention. We'll get an internal medicine consult as soon as possible. In the meantime, Waylon is hospitalized with Cash and Willie, and Dr. Bissell is keeping a close eye on them. 


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